Independent Instructor (UO)

EC 311: Intermediate Microeconomics [Syllabus]

Summer 2017, Winter 2018

EC 202: Principles of Macroeconomics [Syllabus slides]

Spring 2018, Spring 2019

EC 340: Issues in Public Economics [Syllabus][Games]

Winter 2019, Fall 2019

Discussion Leader (UO)

Econometrics (PhD. Level): Winter 2017, Spring 2017

Independent Instructor (LUMS)

Courses: Principle of Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Economics Macroeconomics, Mathematical Application of Economics (2007-2010)

Student Comments

"She is probably the best teacher I have had at the University of Oregon. Very thorough in her lectures and available to meet outside of class. She gave us lots of practice problems and tried her best to make sure everyone understood what was going on." - EC 202, Spring 2019

"Ayesha did a great job of making sure we all understand the material. She wanted to make sure we do well in the class and thoroughly learn class concepts. Best econ teacher I have had at the UO." - EC 340, Winter 2019

"Professor Khalid was straight forward and clear about the content in class. I felt she presented the information in a concise / clear manner and I appreciated it. She did not waste time / provide unnecessary information. I felt her teaching style was great." - EC 202, Spring 2018

"Professor Khalid is a great teacher. She is sure to provide plenty of in-class examples and thoroughly covers the material. She takes extra time on material that has been problematic for her students. She also is enthusiastic about offering her students' guidance and answering their questions in office hours or during in class breaks." - EC 311, Winter 2018

"I really liked how organized the professor was and how everything was straight forward and you knew what the expectations were." - EC 311, Summer 2017